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Corporate Computer Image

Saving Time and Money on Software Installations

Where the Money Goes
Many companies use standard software applications throughout their organisation, and each new computer purchased needs these applications installed.

Although this isn’t technically difficult it is time consuming, and if you use internal support staff it can take up a large proportion of their time that could be better spent on more technical issues. If you use an external support company on a Time and Materials basis it can prove a very costly exercise.

The ‘Image’ Solution...

Standard Image Load.
Centric Solutions offer a service whereby we produce an ‘image’ of your company’s standard build that is copied onto new machines before installation on user desks. This speeding up of the process helps to make it far more cost-effective.

Security Tagging.
Today’s security conscious environment has lead many companies to enforce a security tagging policy for their computer equipment.  Centric Solutions will tag your equipment as part of the Corporate Image service.

User Specific Changes.
Following the installation of the standard image Centric Solutions can make configuration changes specific to each user. For example, a mail package may be installed as part of the standard image, but the user ID and password will be specific to each machine.

Transfer of User Data.
Involves the complete and efficient transfer of data from the user’s old machine to their new one.

...With Flexibility Guaranteed
Because flexibility plays an important role in all our solutions, the Computer Image service is no exception. For example, a company can choose to have the image alone installed on their machines and then roll them out to their users in their own time. Other companies may dictate that all data is stored on a fileserver and would therefore not need any user data to be transferred. Centric Solutions provide the Computer Image service on a cost per machine basis. The cost will reflect which aspects of the service are required.

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