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Product Sales

Meeting Your Needs and Your Budget
At Centric Solutions we recognise that Product Sales involves far more than mere 'box shifting'. We believe that 'Sales' should always include pre-sales and post-sales service, regardless of the specification or value of the item sold. And you can be confident that our Sales Team will follow your request through to fulfilment to ensure that both your requirements and budget are met.

Advice and Evaluation
When a company has a purchase requirement they can call Centric Solutions for independent advice, which can save valuable man-hours researching what
manufacturer, make and model to buy. We will take time to understand their particular requirements and advise on which products we believe will best meet their needs and suit their budget. Where possible we will provide a similar unit for evaluation to ensure that the customer is happy with the product we have recommended.

Deciding What’s Best for You
We are also acutely aware how rapidly technology progresses and the effect this can have on the useful life span of equipment. By purchasing your computer equipment from us you will be safe in the knowledge that we always recommend products on the basis of suitability, budget and future expansion criteria. From complete networks, through laptops and printers, to data cartridges we supply independent of manufacturer, advocating the most suitable product rather than the most popular.

Besides new and boxed items we can also supply second user equipment, so those companies with a modest budget can still purchase quality equipment to meet their needs.

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