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Network Services

Backed by Hands-On Experience

Coming from hardware support backgrounds, our consultants have a solid foundation of hands-on experience to support their networking skills. Their practical knowledge, acquired in 'real' situations, rather than simply relying on classroom theory, cannot be over emphasised.

Centric Solutions
  • Design
  • Supply
  • and Install...
...New Networks.
Ranging from two-person connections to large corporate infrastructures.

We also
  • Manage
  • Support
  • Migrate
  • Analyse
  • and Upgrade...
...Existing Networks.

Making the Most of E-Mail
Efficient communication is a key factor within any organisation, and e-mail has proved to be a cost-effective and reliable method.  However, the communication flow is only as good as the email solution. We can advise on your current set up and implement any necessary changes or modifications.

Remote Possibilities Come Closer
The benefits to be gained in both cost and productivity when staff work from home are today widely acknowledged.

By introducing a Remote Access solution your company can enjoy these benefits by enabling all users to access your computer system from any chosen location. Centric Solutions can design and install your Remote Access
facility with minimum inconvenience.

Remote Access also enables us to provide you with Remote Diagnostics and Remote Administration services. Because we are able to carry out authorised administration changes to your system, or analyse performance problems- without the need for a site visit - your support costs are consequently reduced.

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